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Realize there’s an idea about you…

Friday July 27, 2012

You’re a marketer in a new space. You’re getting your bearings. And you want a crowd. You’ll learn what other marketers do to attract crowds. You’ll want to be the best at doing it. Don’t be. Be the only one that does what you do. Realize there’s an idea about you, only you, that others want to follow.

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Why Your Company Should Start Using Google Plus

Thursday January 5, 2012

We’ve had many clients ask whether or not they should invest in creating and managing a new Google+ account for their company and brands. The major source of concern seems to be using staff resources for “yet another” social media platform that needs to be managed beyond the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn pages they already manage. Maintaining regular and relevant posts, photos, and truly socializing with followers on each network can be a drain on staff time.

Our first response to that is about your business priority – customers first. It’s not about what’s easy for you, it’s about making access to your brand easy for your customer. However, marketers are always strapped for time, so it is important to put that time in the best…

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DBD Wishes You Happy Holidays!

Wednesday December 21, 2011

Unbelievable, another twelve months have passed, and it’s that time to reflect on the past year and look ahead to new opportunities.

DBD is grateful for the action-packed, challenging and strong 2011 activity. We experienced the highs and lows that come with the advertising business. We leave the year with great client partnerships. And we enter 2012 with continuing projects and programs on our plate that will take us even more new places.

In 2011, as great need persists, we continued the tradition of donating to the Salvation Army in lieu of sending gifts to clients and friends. The gift is labeled as “From the friends and clients of DBD.”

Our 2011 Holiday Card sports a comical image of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, built…

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Our Process Is Built To Fail

Tuesday December 6, 2011

A creative process without allowances and encouragement for mistakes is not a creative process. Some of the first creative attempts may appear clumsy and too far off the mark, but those very attempts are often the genesis of a disruptive concept that breaks the conventional wisdom. Approaching failure is part of the process, and is sometimes the only way to break through to a new place.
At DBD, our creative process is built to fail.

If we can get that surprise out in the open in the beginning of the process, there will be more nice surprises along the way.

Download: “The process is built to fail.”

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