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Tuesday July 6, 2010

IE9 Will Not Be Available For XP

(NOTE: IE9 is not to be released until sometime in 2011)

IE9 is already being highly talked about as having many of the features that developers have been asking for (HTML5, CSS3, Canvas, etc.), but the disappointment for developers is going to be more for the fact that Windows XP users won’t be able to upgrade to IE9 at all.

Internet Explorer users still hover around 70% of all browsers used by the general public.

That breaks down by version:
—IE8: 59%
—IE7: 30%
—IE6: 11%

IE8 has done better at getting users to upgrade than IE7 ever did. But IE6 still hangs around despite (or “in spite”).

Operating systems very similarly show Windows at about 87% of all web users.

That breaks down by version:
—XP: 61%
—Vista: 20%
—Windows 7: 11%
—Server 2003: 7%
—2000: 1%

Windows XP is the highest percentage of users. Which means IE9’s popularity will be severally diminished. And roughly 50% of our site visitors will be stuck at IE8 or below until they buy a new computer.

(NOTE: the numbers above are derived from the more popular sites that DBD has developed, but we have seen in the past that our sites aren’t too skewed from reports from other internet tracking firms.)


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