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Why Your Company Should Start Using Google Plus

Thursday January 5, 2012

We’ve had many clients ask whether or not they should invest in creating and managing a new Google+ account for their company and brands. The major source of concern seems to be using staff resources for “yet another” social media platform that needs to be managed beyond the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn pages they already manage. Maintaining regular and relevant posts, photos, and truly socializing with followers on each network can be a drain on staff time.

Our first response to that is about your business priority – customers first. It’s not about what’s easy for you, it’s about making access to your brand easy for your customer. However, marketers are always strapped for time, so it is important to put that time in the best…

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HTML5, Flash, and iOS… Oh my!

Friday May 27, 2011

Their intent was to talk their clients away from using HTML5 for data visualization projects in favor of the still dominant Flash. They also have a side-comparison to iOS usage—I assume to show that developing iPhone Apps is also not their preference.

What I like about this infographic though is that it shows very well that Flash is far from dead, and it should remain an option to be considered for specific projects with specific audiences. But as with any project you must know Flash’s weaknesses in order to know when to use it and when not to.

The same, of course, can be said for HTML5 and iOS apps.

The web continues to be in turmoil when it comes to standards and best practices (no thanks to Microsoft and Internet Explorer). Flash is…

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CSS Web Images Will Save Download Times

Monday July 12, 2010

Came across this blog post this past weekend:

CSS is the new Photoshop

It’s talking about CSS3 and HTML5’s ability to render graphic elements with absolutely no images involved. The benefit being that you have fewer calls to the server to retrieve images (why CSS sprites have become popular).

The print guys can think of it like Illustrator vs Photoshop. This new process doesn’t use pixels (like Illustrator). Where Photoshop pixels have the overhead of downloading from the server, these can render within the browser itself.

Nested several links deep it gets to this CSS Images example page (requires the latest Safari or Chrome):

It’s not necessarily the slimmest HTML out there (you can see how they…

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IE9 Will Not Be Available For XP

Tuesday July 6, 2010

(NOTE: IE9 is not to be released until sometime in 2011)

IE9 is already being highly talked about as having many of the features that developers have been asking for (HTML5, CSS3, Canvas, etc.), but the disappointment for developers is going to be more for the fact that Windows XP users won’t be able to upgrade to IE9 at all.

Internet Explorer users still hover around 70% of all browsers used by the general public.

That breaks down by version:
—IE8: 59%
—IE7: 30%
—IE6: 11%

IE8 has done better at getting users to upgrade than IE7 ever did. But IE6 still hangs around despite (or “in spite”).

Operating systems very similarly show Windows at about 87% of all web users.

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