301 Redirects

18 Dec 301 Redirects

You’ve heard the phrase “301 Redirect,” but did you really know what it meant, or what 301’s looked like? Here’s a look at 301 Redirects on the screen.

DBD Director of Technologies Julie Mitchell (we’re looking over her shoulder below) gets to work early in the morning to be the first in line to do our 301’s.


Redirection is the process of forwarding one URL (page) to another URL; to a different page from the one originally requested by a user.
A 301 Redirect tells the bots that the URL is “Moved Permanently.” 301’s are recommended for SEO.

Why do Redirects?

New page design often requires movement of content from one deleted page to another new page, or to a new site entirely (responding to a change in brand name, etc.). A given page will have achieved a level of ranking power. If the page is not redirected, the legacy ranking power is lost, and is not assigned to the new URL. As a permanent redirect, a 301 redirect passes between 90-99% ranking power to the redirected page.