Big Pitch Updates: DBD’s Air Date, Our Competition and the Client

05 Aug Big Pitch Updates: DBD’s Air Date, Our Competition and the Client

DBD’s Episode:

Airs On: Thurs., Sept. 19,  11/10 Central
Client: Gibson
Competition: Powell Creative

AMC’s “The Pitch” Season 2 begins in less than two weeks! August 15th to be exact. Watch the full season, but be sure to tune in Thursday, September 19th at 11/10 Central (or DVR it so you can watch it over and over) to see Daniel Burton Dean compete against Powell Creative Advertising and Graphic Design for a sick gig with Gibson Guitar!

Back in January we spent every minute of nearly 10 days (and nights) pouring our hearts and souls into brainstorming, brand development, design and media planning for an on-camera pitch to the legendary Nashville company, Gibson Guitars. You’ll get to see how it all played out (pun intended) on September 19th.

The experience was challenging, enlightening, and rewarding.

We learned a lot from our [ win / loss ] – Circle one after you’ve watched the show ; )

Check out this promo video, and catch a few glimpses of our DBD employees, and we’ll “see” you at our episode’s premiere, Thursday, September 19, 11/10C on AMC.

A little bit about Gibson:
Gibson was founded in 1894 and is a global music and lifestyle-oriented company. Based in Nashville, TN, you probably know them best for their work in fretted instruments, mainly acoustic and electric guitars. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Les Paul and Flying V. But, Gibson branches out beyond guitars, and has their hands in pianos and jukeboxes, and most recently, pro audio and home theatre systems.

More about “The Pitch” and the upcoming season:
In 2012, the first season of AMC’s original docu-style series, “The Pitch,” was nominated for a Critics Choice Award and was called “an absorbing look at the frustrations and satisfactions of the creative process itself” by Entertainment Weekly.  In season two, “The Pitch” continues to explore the incredible lengths, intense stakes and tight deadlines advertising agencies encounter when they take aim at a new piece of business. Each episode not only follows two creative shops as they work day and night to build a campaign worthy of winning over the brand, but also takes a closer look into the decision making process the brands go through in order to choose which agency has successfully captured their identity.