We never meet a marketing partner we don’t respect.

The direction the world takes is a function of marketing. Even a company built on great operational structures needs creative marketing to introduce its concept.

“Marketing” is not a department separated from the rest of the company by steel, glass and drywall. Nor is marketing only marketing communications (the promotion). Marketing is the total idea that surrounds something; the total idea that surrounds a product or service. In one of the simplest models, marketing variables are expressed as Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Every person who works near the idea — in one of these 4 Ps of marketing — is in marketing.

When someone is a proactive marketer, they’ve taken on the challenge of helping the organization realize its potential — whether they work in the marketing department, or they are the CEO, an engineer, an accountant, or a customer service rep. So, when we meet someone who has taken on the marketing challenge, we respect them greatly.

Marketing partners who understand that marketing is not a department experience the greatest marketing success. DBD is a proactive marketing partner who brings creative, technology and internet marketing to an organization’s marketing efforts.

If you’re a marketer, chances are you will respect us, too.
(21 times, if you’re counting. We said the “m” word 21 times above.)