Don’t be the best at what you do.
Be the only one that does what you do.

Your company may be fortunate enough to compete in an environment protected by limited professional licenses, or your product may enjoy favorable patent protection.

More likely, though, you compete in a crowded category where perceived parity leads to a lack of differentiation. This can make it difficult to stand out from the crowd, leading to near-commodity status and squeezed earnings.

Our job is to help you define that one fundamental belief that makes up the heart of your brand and sets you apart in the consumer’s mind. We work to define the one reason your brand exists, to drill down to get at the one true and honest promise your brand stands for. All subsequent product development and marketing communications must leverage – and stem from – that fundamental promise. Then we can tell the genuine story that shows you are the only brand doing what you’re doing.

Branding is about getting to that core belief. And, it’s about finding customer prospects who are demanding the same thing. It is less about reinforcing what is, and more about inspiring what could be. As such, the order in which we look for your core belief and discovering customer demand is different from one project to the next.