Creative & Production

Great creative is realizing the parts of your brand that people want to experience.

Strong creative is our primary product. Our creative team, identified as Plum (or Plumb), is here to help you get there. There’s internal debate about which spelling we prefer. Is it the juicy, sweet creative fruit that comes out of a plum? Or is it the precision that comes from squaring up all the technical details before a project hits the media? For us, it’s both. Our creative group begins with sketchpads and white boards to bring out parts of your brand in simple messages. The goal is to find stories about your brand that your customer wants to experience; that they want to be part of; that they want to take home for dinner. Once concepts are presented, commented upon, changed and ultimately approved by the client, we know where to find the best production partners to bring the concepts to life. Realizing concepts, bringing them about, is the thrill that keeps most of us in this business.

Inseparable. Without a tool bias.

Creative and production are inseparable. A strong idea, produced weakly, will fail. Similarly, a flat idea, executed beautifully, won’t do any better. While creative and production should operate seamlessly, a creative group should never manage the capital-intensive means of production. Why? Those who own the production end often only see marketing solutions that are tied to their production tools. It’s the old ‘if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail’ syndrome. We don’t have a tool bias.