Motion & Audio

It’s not enough to catch their eye.
You gotta keep their eye.

Online video is becoming a greater asset on line. While users are reading less per session, videos are holding visitors for greater periods of time, thereby improving your conversion rate potential. Yet, users are no longer intrigued by the simple fact that you have a video. Millions of sites have them.

So optimize your message.

Optimal every time, the entire time — whether it’s delivered online, on TV, or elsewhere. Video and audio interact with more senses to create a more complete experience than print or packaging. Yet, just because video uses more senses to send your message doesn’t mean you should try to communicate more than one idea. The message should remain as succinct as it is in print. The surest way to lose your audience is to lose your focus.

“Less is more” is as true in motion graphics and audio as it is with other forms of art and communication. You just have to make sure that your “less” is spot on. We can help you do that.

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