Web & Digital

Walmart isn’t just a store.
It’s an absurdly complex logistics operation.

Likewise, digital marketing is more than a website. More than SEO. More than an email strategy. It’s the logistics of your business. The complete integration of marketing and digital technology is the only way to find the efficiencies and the personal connection with your audience that will keep you in business. We call our web team Swivel because the new phenomenon that the web brought (since 1998 for us) was an instant back and forth interactive experience. It’s still known as Swivel because today we constantly need to turn our foot in the sand with a moment’s notice to explore a new media and social networking opportunities.

Evolving technologies and social media networks are game changers, offering the opportunity for one-on-one connections and conversation that we’ve never seen before. It’s a new, efficient frontier that is always changing. And we have been here since nearly the beginning, and are here now to help you navigate this ever-changing space.

We love this stuff.