Creative at Work, Creative at Play

26 Sep Creative at Work, Creative at Play

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Bet you didn’t know that our very own Jodie Lynn Mowrey, Director of SEO/SEM, choreographs musicals in her spare time, did ya? Jodie’s latest work comes from an Evansville, IN production of the Wizard of OZ at Central High School.

She has been spending many hours over the last two months, choreographing over 100 high school and elementary school kids!

We’ve asked Jodie what it was like working with 71 elementary children (who performed as Munchkins), and how in the world do you get that many kids performing the same steps at the same time? “The trick is to choose steps the kids think are fun. Then they pay attention, are eager and watch each other to stay together,” said Jodie. “But it was very hard work to coordinate so many little ones; it’s been a long road (pun intended). But, the director and I wanted these kids to have this experience and build their excitement for the theatre in the future.”

Although the curtain has already closed on the Wizard of Oz, and this being the second show she has choreographed for Central High School, we have no doubt that you will be able to catch some of Jodie’s work in the future!