CSS Web Images Will Save Download Times

12 Jul CSS Web Images Will Save Download Times

July 12, 2010

Came across this blog post this past weekend: CSS is the new Photoshop

It’s talking about CSS3 and HTML5’s ability to render graphic elements with absolutely no images involved. The benefit being that you have fewer calls to the server to retrieve images (why CSS sprites have become popular). The print guys can think of it like Illustrator vs Photoshop. This new process doesn’t use pixels (just as Illustrator does not). Where Photoshop pixels have the overhead of downloading from the server, these can render within the browser itself.

Nested several links deep it gets to this CSS Images example page (requires the latest Safari or Chrome): It’s not necessarily the slimmest HTML out there (you can see how they built it in the view source)… Their comment is that people pop-the-hood on HTML but they don’t on PostScript files.

To me it seems interesting, but not yet usable (look at it in Firefox or IE). It is something to look forward to as an option in the future. And of course they’ll get better at it. I can already hear the jQuery plugins coming (though using JavaScript muddies the principle of it).

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