DBD on AMC’s “The Pitch.” Keeping our lips sealed (mostly).

28 May DBD on AMC’s “The Pitch.” Keeping our lips sealed (mostly).

From January 18th thru the 28th of this year, DBD was honored to work 18- to 24-hour days. We were doing our part for the filming of an episode for the 2013 season of AMC’s “The Pitch.”

The reality series reveals the behind-the-scenes process of two agencies as they compete for new business from strong-willed and legendary clients. DBD was one of 16 agencies selected from Nashville, Chicago and Los Angeles. We competed to win the work of introducing several new consumer electronics brands from the Nashville legend, Gibson Guitars.

It was fun. It was gruesome. It was emotional.

By the time we reached the day of the actual pitch to the client, two of the four from our pitch team were falling asleep in Gibson’s lobby. Also, by that time, we had shared 99* email trails with subjects ranging from “Copy Thoughts” to “China’s Social Media Landscape” to “Dinner is in the conference room, y’all.”

Photo and video partner David Bean joined us on day five of the challenge. With a video script in hand from our first few days on the project, we set out with David for two days and nights of video and still photography at seven locations around Nashville, TN.

There were two parallel efforts going on. While creative and production would be an important part of competing for the new account, the global media plan would be equally important. Both the Nashville and the Evansville office were involved in the effort. All told, nine of us worked on the pitch.

Season two of “The Pitch” premiered in August, 2013. Our episode aired in September.

We’re pleased now to finally be able to talk about our involvement with “The Pitch.” Mostly, we’re eager to tell how well we got to know two British producers who were by our side nearly the entire time – Mike Cotton and Lauren Bisset. And now, we can tell whether or not we were successful in our bid for the business. We were. DBD won our episode. Equally important, we won the actual opportunity to work with Gibson and the senior marketing staff long after filming stopped.

*During our involvement with “The Pitch,” there were approximately 2,400 other emails circulating around the studio to and from existing clients and production partners. To our knowledge, not one of those emails mentioned our involvement in “The Pitch.” We were contractually obligated to keep our mouths zipped up until one day after Memorial Day, 2013.