Facebook Algorithm Changes on Schedule With Google’s

30 Apr Facebook Algorithm Changes on Schedule With Google’s

Recently, Facebook announced its newest algorithm update around the same time Google announced its “Mobilegeddon” update. This new update will affect what users see on their News Feeds. Facebook stated that the distribution of posts that show up on News Feeds will vary, but has mentioned several specific objectives:

  1. To improve the user experience of users who don’t have a lot of News Feed content, Facebook is relaxing a previous rule that did not allow multiple posts from the same source to show up in a row.
  2. After receiving feedback from users, Facebook is making an effort to put content posted by friends and pages a person cares about (what or who they interact with the most) higher up on their News Feed. This all depends on how a person uses Facebook. If someone uses Facebook to read news and updates on pages, then those types of posts will show up more often.
  3. There are now fewer posts about friend behavior. For instance, “Caroline liked ______,” or “John commented on ______’s photo.” Rather, Facebook users will see more updates from friends and pages they directly follow.


What does this mean for brands?

Ultimately, Facebook’s algorithm updates are meant to improve user experience. While these updates do limit the organic reach of brands to their followers who interact with them less frequently, it’s important to remember that loyal followers will continue to be served posts.

This does mean that gaining followers and likes organically is going to be much more difficult, and brands that want a significant amount of interaction (gaining followers, likes, referrals, etc.) are going to have to pay-to-play with Facebook Advertising. But, this is all part of a master plan to make Facebook a better place for business and users. Companies should continue to share relevant and interesting content that users want to see.