Google’s Reorganization as Alphabet: Beyond the Headline

13 Aug Google’s Reorganization as Alphabet: Beyond the Headline

In recent news, Google is reorganizing under a new name, Alphabet, and separating its moneymaking businesses from the prospective ones. This headline begs major questions for website owners concerned about their SEO:

  • Is Google going away?
  • Will this mean drastic changes for SEO and the search experience?
  • Are we in for a giant upheaval in site visits?


The bottom line is this: Nothing will change for people surfing the web or the companies trying to be found in Google search.

Basically, Google is getting a parent company called Alphabet.  Google’s search engine product will still be And other internet products such as search, maps, gmail, YouTube, etc. will still be managed by Google, the company.

The big difference? Google’s new product ventures that aren’t central to its original purpose (as a search engine) will be managed by other companies under the Alphabet umbrella.

The new structure is a move to placate investors by separating Google’s tried-and-true money-making products — like Search — from innovative product experiments — like self-driving cars — that don’t make money. This removes the question mark over Google’s profitability, and still gives Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google’s founders, a testing ground for innovation through sister companies.

This is good news for investors, but is no news for companies working hard to hold their own in search. Stay calm and optimize on.