How long does it take for SEO to kick in?

14 Jun How long does it take for SEO to kick in?

We are often asked questions about the timing of SEO. The first question everyone asks is…

“How long does it take for SEO to kick in?”
The answer ranges between 3 to 18 months.  Yes, we know that doesn’t really answer the question.
The truth is, timing depends on several things:
• your location
• your competition and industry
• your site’s current ranking and
• whether or not Black Hat SEO* tactics were applied to your site in the past.
Nobody can promise quick results. But, they can promise continuous improvement as long as SEO is in place. Which leads us to another common question…

* Black hat tactics are those that game the system (Google or Yahoo!) and bring quick success for a while. But, Google’s algorithm eventually finds a way to recognize those tactics and devalue the sites that employ them.

“How long should I do SEO?”
You should never stop SEO if you want your website to be found in the search engines and bring in sales leads.
SEO builds value in your website over time — the longer you invest in it, the better the return on the investment. Results rely on continuous activity.  If done correctly, the benefits of SEO can extend for a couple months to a couple years after you stop — again, depending on several things. But, for everyone it’s true that once you stop SEO, your site begins a steady slide back down the search rankings.
Paid Online Advertising (such as Adwords) is a better option for driving traffic at specific times in the year.  Ask us about it.

“When should I start SEO?”
The short answer is, begin now because of the lead time it takes to begin seeing results.  It’s a common misperception that SEO can be turned on when you need it and turned off when you don’t. Beginning now gives you the best chance of having your website ready to perform when you most need it as a lead generation tool.
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