18 Dec 301 Redirects

You've heard the phrase "301 Redirect," but did you really know what it meant, or what 301's looked like? Here's a look at 301 Redirects on the screen. DBD Director of Technologies Julie Mitchell (we're looking over her shoulder below) gets to work early in the morning to be...

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04 Apr A Professional. Becoming One.

Islands. Big box home-improvement stores have gone a long way to making us believe that we’re do-it-yourselfers. Likewise, content management systems and social media gateways have made many of us content publishers. There are no serious issues involved with doing some home maintenance ourselves. And there’s...

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19 Jul Why Online Directories Matter to SEO

Local Listings, Online Directories, Local Directories, Maps Listings…essentially they’re are all the same thing. They’re your company’s business listing…online. Similar to phone book listings, these directory listings are on the Internet. From Google+ to Yelp to CitySearch and more…the dizzying number of websites in the local...

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