New Packaging, Old Rolling Papers

11 Feb New Packaging, Old Rolling Papers

We recently acquired some new books at DBD. The books themselves are as nicely designed and put together as the content within them.

The first book is called “Rolling Paper Graphics” put together by José Lorente and is published by Gingko Press. This book is an amazing collection of rolling paper graphics from the late 19th to early 20th centuries. The author organizes the content into seven sections; nature, places, objects, people, typography, textures and advertising. What awaits in each section is an array of beautiful illustrations, type setting, logos, and colors. I didn’t really know what to expect when first seeing what this book was about, but soon found out how addicting it is to look at. The unique illustrations and hand drawn type are very inspiring and most could still be used today. This book is a great example of how nothing is too insignificant to have good design and also that good design can be found in many unlikely places.
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The next book is another design book called “Box Bottle Bag” and is the best packaging design from I have always loved and was happy when we got this book. The dieline calls it “the Ultimate collection of the world’s best packaging design.” Each product within the book is accompanied by a simple quote about the project from someone involved in the design process. There are a great deal of simple but beautiful color palettes. Many of the products use illustration over photography which I like. It gives a clean look and an easier use of controlled colors. The folks at dieline have a great eye for simple but very effective branding and this book is a testament to that. You can’t look at the work in this book without being motivated to do good design.

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