Creative is not a group of people sitting in the corner wearing pink tennis shoes and pink hair, though it can be. Creative is the realization that in a world defined by technology and demographics, there is still room for a dream that can’t be measured by science. Creative happens when people suspend disbelief in the face of new concept; when they entertain a new idea that challenges the rules they’ve learned. Allowing an untried, illogical thought to float is often the first step to arriving at a finished new concept. Likewise, many new ideas sink after a relatively short period of time. Failure is part of the process. Nothing new can be created without allowing mistakes. The only lasting mistake in creative is not allowing mistakes. We make mistakes every day.

Why is it “PLUM”

We call it “Plum” because it’s the rich, juicy and sloppy side of the business. It’s where unexplored flavors and fresh ideas are found. And sometimes, like a plum, it can be a sticky mess getting to a new idea. Some people at our place refer to it as “Plumb.” That’s ok. Because, once an idea is found, it takes level and square discipline to bring a new idea to life. Plum, or Plumb? Both spellings work for us.

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