Marketing and Creative don’t always take the form of paid advertising. More likely, a company’s marketing will occur every day during routine business communication with customers. We’re honored to be part of creating our clients’ communications…every day. And, while learning new technology for communicating is essential and fascinating, we don’t allow a tech tactic to sway our strategy. At one time, print technology was the dominate medium for distributing marketing messages. Today, electronic media dominate communications. Yet, we’re not in the business of pushing a particular type of electronic media. And, we never owned a printing press. We’re in the business of communication. We have the individuals and partners with the know how to make the technology work. But most important, we begin all projects by defining the marketing and communications objective, not by designating a medium. Communications is the constant. Communications media are the tools, not the driver.

Why it’s called “SWIVEL”

This facet of our business is called “Swivel” because the goal of our technology is to be interactive with audiences. Information goes in, and information or product goes out. And vice versa. It’s Q&A. Buy and sell. It’s sitting in a chair at a desktop, or spinning out of the chair to walk down a sidewalk and take technology with you. In any event, it’s an exchange, a back and forth. It’s a swivel.

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