Why Online Directories Matter to SEO

19 Jul Why Online Directories Matter to SEO

Local Listings, Online Directories, Local Directories, Maps Listings…essentially they’re are all the same thing. They’re your company’s business listing…online. Similar to phone book listings, these directory listings are on the Internet. From Google+ to Yelp to CitySearch and more…the dizzying number of websites in the local directory game raises many questions among businesses like yours. Here are the biggest questions and their answers.

“Should I bother fixing my directory listings?”
Yes! Updating and optimizing your directory listings around the web should be one of your top online marketing priorities.

“Aren’t they correct already?” Maybe. With hundreds of directories scraping your information from other sites, listings can be surprisingly inaccurate. A business move or change in domain name makes this more likely. Also, if you’ve worked with an SEO firm in the past, make sure your listings weren’t “hijacked”—pointed to a temporary website (no longer yours) and/or changed to a trackable phone number (also, no longer leading to you). Tip: When searching for an SEO firm, avoid companies that employ this practice.

“How does this benefit my site?”
Improved Rankings. Besides the obvious benefit of customers finding you, correct listings have a positive impact on your placement in Google search results. Google trusts a website more when the Name, Address, and Phone Number on the site match what is listed in directories around the web.

“How do I fix my listings?”
To clean up directories you can manually correct listings yourself. Or, you can get help for this time-consuming task from an SEO company. Main things to remember if you do it yourself:

1. Claim, Correct and Optimize your Listings Claim your listing and correct the basic information. Then add every piece of content allowed by the directory (descriptions, photos, videos, etc). The more complete your listing, the higher up you will appear in the directory as well as Google search.

2. Start with Google+. It is the most important directory.

3. Be Consistent – Post your Name, Address and Phone Number in online directories the same way it’s posted on your site.

4. Be Patient – every directory is different and most are quirky. It may take a few attempts to update some directories. It can be tedious, but it will be worth it.

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